In this edition of SEO reviews, we analyze SEVENFRIDAY, a watch company based in Switzerland.


Full disclaimer: SEVENFRIDAY is not a client of ours. If they were, however, these are just some of the recommendations we would suggest for optimizing them toward greater rankings, traffic & sales.

A scan of SEVENFRIDAY reveals a number of issues which need attention.


For some reason, the SEVENFRIDAY homepage temporarily redirects to /homepage.aspx. There is simply no need for this, especially since temporary redirects tend to negatively affect rankings. At the very least, the redirect should be a permanent one i.e. move away from a 302 redirect and initiate a 301 redirect instead.


A number of key pages are under optimized, in both choice of keywords and keyword length. Examples include:

/homepage.aspx is Homepage
/l/bracelets.aspx is All Bracelets
/l/all-accessories.aspx is All Accessories
/l.aspx?WPParams=43... is All Watches

At the very least, the homepage should include the brand name, what they sell and possibly what locations they service. Every page can include up to 65 characters in their title - leaving such real estate blank is doing them a disservice.


A meta description is the paragraph of text displayed underneath each individual search result on the search engine results page. It is a crucial element as it can determine whether a potential customer will click through to your website, or just move on to the next search result. Unfortunately, it appears SEVENFRIDAY has neglected to include any meta descriptions on their website. Search engines try to remedy this by finding what they can off the page and using that as a substitute description, but it can (and usually does) send an undesirable message instead.

This is what their homepage description currently displays:

"By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies, which help us better adapt our services and offerings to your needs. Accept. Toggle navigation. Products."

Clearly not enticing nor helpful for a potential customer. Similar to a title, it should have included a little more about the page, and perhaps a call to action in order to bring the user across the line and click on their link.


Just as bad as missing or under optimizing elements, duplication is also a red flag. Duplicate titles across multiple pages confuses search engines, as they may classify them all as the same and thus not rank them accordingly, not to mention it also being a poor user experience. SEVENFRIDAY seems to contain many pages with the same title - for example:


These pages display three unique watch products. However, their titles all contain the same phrase:

"Automatic wrist watch, stainless steel case, calf leather strap"

All pages should have their own unique title to avoid duplication issues and poor search rankings.


A sitemap is a file every website should include in order to assist search engines with the overall structure of their site. This helps with search engine crawlability and overall visibility. Unfortunately, SEVENFRIDAY seems to lack a sitemap file. We would highly recommend one be implemented and regularly updated in order to have existing pages recrawled reguarly and new pages indexed relatively quickly.


For paying clients, the next step in our SEO campaign would normally include keyword research and subsequent content recommendations. Once these recommendations are in place, link building would begin - link building would be the final phase of the campaign, which ultimately leads to highly optimized rankings, targeted traffic and a large increase in orders & branding opportunities.

The benefits of good SEO last many months, even years! It is truly a wise investment and almost always ROI positive.

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Seb H